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Classic Housekeeping

As we all know, a clean home is a happy home! The cleaning experts here at Elite Housekeeping specialize in condo, apartment and house cleaning in Toronto. We understand how important it is to feel confident and worry free when it comes to the services we provide. We can come by to clean and organize your home for a one time cleaning or regular weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning. Our professional and dedicated cleaners will invest the time and energy necessary to be well prepared for any unique requests or special concerns you may have. See our detailed list

of tasks below. 

Please Note: For weekly and bi-weekly services you will get the same cleaner every time, for monthly or occasional cleanings, you may request the same cleaner if that cleaner is available. 

With every visit, we will pay attention to the following:


✔︎ Wipe all appliances

✔︎ Outside of cupboards

✔︎ Countertops

✔︎ Backsplash

✔︎ Sinks and taps

✔︎ Microwave Interior 

✔︎ Fridge exterior

✔︎ Stove exterior

✔︎ Wash Dishes

✔︎ Vacuum/sweep and mop floors

✔︎ Garbage removal

✔︎ Towel folding



✔︎ Mirrors

✔︎ Shower glass

✔︎ Countertops

✔︎ Bathtubs

✔︎ Bathtub tiles

✔︎ Toilets (interior and exterior)

✔︎ Wall tiles

✔︎ Sinks and taps

✔︎ Back splash

✔︎ Vacuum/sweep and wash floors

✔︎ Empty trash 


✔︎ Tidy up

✔︎ Dust surfaces

✔︎ Dust picture frames

✔︎ Vacuum and mop under beds

✔︎ Dust and wipe window sills

✔︎ Vacuum sofas/chairs

✔︎ Make all beds

✔︎ Vacuum/sweep and wash floors

✔︎ Vacuum carpets

✔︎ Vacuum/sweep and wash stairs

✔︎ Clean laundry room (Wipe appliances)

✔︎  Remove all trash

Additional duties by request include (Add-ons):

✔︎ Inside oven 

✔︎ Inside fridge

✔︎ Laundry and folding

✔︎ Remove cobwebs (full home)

✔︎ Dust light fixtures

✔︎ Wash baseboards 

✔︎ Inside kitchen cabinet (under sink only), and inside bathroom cabinets.

✔︎ Dust/Wipe blinds

✔︎ Spot cleaning of walls using Mr. Clean Magic Erasers™- $12 extra charge for under 1500 sqft, $18 for 1501 sqft +

✔︎ Behind fridge 

✔︎ Stove exhaust fan (exterior and filter only)

✔︎ Behind Stove

✔︎ Interior windows

✔︎ Clean inside laundry appliances 

✔︎ Vacuum wall vents and ceiling vents

How often should you have services? 

Weekly - This option is great for people who are always on the go, and have a demanding social, family or work life leaving them with no time for cleaningWith frequent services, enjoy a highly maintained home! 

Bi-weekly - This is our most popular option. The outcome of the cleaning should last well into the second week. We'll be there just in time to keep your home well maintained and sparkling again. 

Monthly - This frequency does not provide as good of an upkeep as the above, but still takes a solid amount of the cleaning workload off of you. This option may work well for those who have less of a busy lifestyle and those who do not entertain much in their homes. 

One-off - We'd love for you to try our service once! But who knows, a one-time thing may turn into a habit!

As needed/Occasional - Perhaps you're able to keep up with most of the cleaning on your own. But there will be times when you need a break (or when the in-laws are coming).

Our Pricing

One-off/first time








Contact us today for more details about the services we offer.

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