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Real Estate Cleaning

Let us prepare your property for real-estate showings and open houses. Our cleaning experts will assure your home is in the best shape possible to appeal to your potential buyers or tenants. As we know, a thorough cleaning is one of the most important aspects of selling a space. We will take the time to understand your needs, whether it be a light touch up before a showing or a full deep clean of the home. Let us know if it will be an empty, occupied or staged place and we will tailor the service to your needs. Please see our detailed task list below.

With every visit, we will pay attention to the following:


✔︎ Wipe all appliances

✔︎ Outside of cupboards

✔︎ Countertops

✔︎ Backsplash

✔︎ Sinks and taps

✔︎ Microwave Interior 

✔︎ Fridge exterior

✔︎ Stove exterior

✔︎ Wash Dishes

✔︎ Vacuum/sweep and mop floors

✔︎ Garbage removal



✔︎ Mirrors

✔︎ Shower glass

✔︎ Countertops

✔︎ Bathtubs

✔︎ Bathtub tiles

✔︎ Toilets (interior and exterior)

✔︎ Wall tiles

✔︎ Sinks and taps

✔︎ Back splash

✔︎ Vacuum/sweep and wash floors

✔︎ Empty trash 


✔︎ Organize/Tidy up

✔︎ Dust  all surfaces

✔︎ Dust picture frames

✔︎ Vacuum and mop under beds

✔︎ Dust and wipe window sills

✔︎ Vacuum sofas/chairs

✔︎ Make all beds or sheet change

✔︎ Vacuum/sweep and wash floors

✔︎ Vacuum carpets

✔︎ Vacuum/sweep and wash stairs

✔︎ Clean laundry room (Wipe appliances)

✔︎  Remove all trash

Our Real Estate Deep Clean will include:

✔︎ Inside Oven

✔︎ Inside Fridge

✔︎ Wash baseboards 

✔︎ Vacuum ceiling fan cover

Additional duties by request (Add-ons):

✔︎ Inside cabinets (not all cabinets, only under the kitchen sink and under or above bathroom sink)

✔︎ Dust/Wipe blinds

✔︎ Dust light fixtures

✔︎ Spot cleaning of walls using Mr. Clean Magic Erasers™- $12 extra charge for under 1500 sqft, $18 for 1501 sqft +

✔︎ Behind fridge 

✔︎ Behind Stove

✔︎ Interior windows

✔︎ Remove cobwebs (full home)

✔︎ Clean inside laundry appliances

Our Pricing









Contact us today for more details about the services we offer.

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