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Elite Housekeeping has been associated with a high level of quality and professionalism. That’s largely because of our concerted effort to deepen the connections we have within the GTA community and to continuously improve the personalized services we provide.

We have a team of well-trained, energetic cleaners who are full of life and will always strive to make customers happy. We are fully bonded and insured with up to 2 million in liability coverage to protect you and your home. Also, each of our cleaners are required to undergo and successfully pass a background check before joining our team. Our goal is to earn your trust and confidence after our first visit and continue to exceed your expectations with ongoing service. Each member of our team takes great pride in their work and it shows in our attention to detail and unmatched professionalism. At Elite Housekeeping, our only wish is to prove to you that "perfection-cleaning" can still exist today.

A Bit About our Company

 Our favourite thing about cleaning is knowing that we are providing a needed service, not just a wanted one. Whether it be a young family, or a working person who was always on the go, there were always people who just can't find the time to clean their space to the extent which is needed.

"Many people said they were tired of having a mediocre clean, and that it was nice to have someone go above and beyond to meet their needs." - Zianne Small, Member of Management

Our company believes that a housekeeper should be able to put a smile on a client's face by doing an amazing job, and for keeping a positive attitude and really understanding the client's needs, wants and expectations of the service. Elite Housekeeping ensures that each cleaner possesses the qualities that must be present in a qualified cleaner- such as energy, positivity, loyalty, trust and determination. 

"We started this because we truly believe that Toronto residents deserve a spectacular clean every time. We want them to expect the unexpected."  - Elite Housekeeping Management Team



Bedroom Interior
Warm Interior
Modern Bedroom
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