Deep Clean

Our deep clean service entails all the tasks needed to make your home look and feel brand new. This is a great option for those who are looking for more than a classic cleaning. We will clean hard-to-reach places such as baseboards, ceilings, behind appliances and more. As well as the larger tasks such as cleaning inside the fridge, inside oven and other appliances. 

See our detailed list of tasks below. 



One Time            ⎯               $28/hour


(Plus HST)

Minimum 3 Hours

During a deep clean, we will pay attention to the following:


✔︎ Inside Oven

✔︎ Inside Fridge

✔︎ Wipe all appliances

✔︎ Outside of cupboards

✔︎ Countertops

✔︎ Backsplash

✔︎ Sinks and taps

✔︎ Microwave Interior 

✔︎ Fridge exterior

✔︎ Stove exterior

✔︎ Wash Dishes

✔︎ Vacuum/sweep and mop floors

✔︎ Garbage removal

✔︎ Towel folding



✔︎ Mirrors

✔︎ Shower glass

✔︎ Countertops

✔︎ Bathtubs

✔︎ Bathtub tiles

✔︎ Toilets (interior and exterior)

✔︎ Wall tiles

✔︎ Sinks and taps

✔︎ Back splash

✔︎ Vacuum/sweep and wash floors

✔︎ Empty trash 

✔︎ Vacuum ceiling fan cover


✔︎ Wash baseboards 

✔︎ Remove cobwebs (full home)

✔︎ Organize/Tidy up

✔︎ Dust  all surfaces

✔︎ Dust picture frames

✔︎ Vacuum and mop under beds

✔︎ Dust and wipe window sills

✔︎ Vacuum sofas/chairs

✔︎ Make all beds or sheet change

✔︎ Vacuum/sweep and wash floors

✔︎ Vacuum carpets

✔︎ Vacuum/sweep and wash stairs

✔︎ Clean laundry room (Wipe appliances)

✔︎  Remove all trash

Additional duties by request include:

✔︎ Inside cupboards/drawers

✔︎ Dust/Wipe blinds

✔︎ Spot cleaning of walls (Extra $12.00)

✔︎ Behind fridge or stove

✔︎ Windows (interior)

✔︎ Terrace doors (exterior)

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