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Office Cleaning

Cleanliness must always be a primary consideration in any office. This is to ensure that you are providing a healthy environment for your employees to strive and increase productivity and quality of work. However, in reality, due to the busy nature of a business, an office can be hard to maintain without a reliable cleaning service to get the job done. Luckily, you and business can depend on our professional services. Together, we will customize a cleaning and maintenance plan that would best suit your office needs.

With every visit, we will pay attention to the following:


✔︎ Wipe all appliances

✔︎ Outside of cupboards

✔︎ Countertops

✔︎ Backsplash

✔︎ Sinks and taps

✔︎ Microwave interior 

✔︎ Inside fridge

✔︎ Wash dishes

✔︎ Vacuum/sweep and mop floors

✔︎ Garbage removal



✔︎ Mirrors

✔︎ Countertops

✔︎ Toilets (interior and exterior)

✔︎ Wall tiles

✔︎ Sinks and taps

✔︎ Backsplash

✔︎ Vacuum/sweep and wash floors

✔︎ Empty trash 


✔︎ Organize/tidy up

✔︎ Wipe chairs

✔︎ Dust  all surfaces

✔︎ Dust picture frames

✔︎ Dust and wipe window sills

✔︎ Vacuum sofas/chairs

✔︎ Vacuum/sweep and wash floors

✔︎ Vacuum carpets

✔︎ Vacuum/sweep and wash stairs

✔︎  Remove all trash

Additional duties by request include (Add-ons):

✔︎ Wash baseboards 

✔︎ Dust/wipe blinds

✔︎ Inside oven 

✔︎ Remove cobwebs 

✔︎ Dust light fixtures

✔︎ Inside kitchen cabinet (under sink only), and inside bathroom cabinets.

✔︎ Spot cleaning of walls using Mr. Clean Magic Erasers™- $12 extra charge for under 1500 sqft, $18 for 1501 sqft +

✔︎ Behind fridge 

✔︎ Behind Stove

✔︎ Stove exhaust fan (exterior and filter only)

✔︎ Interior windows

✔︎ Vacuum wall and ceiling vents

Our Pricing









Contact us today for more details about the services we offer.

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